Listen to your Body Without Judgment

In the dieting crazed society we live in, there are moral compasses attached to food intake. What with veganism becoming mainstream, animal slaughterhouses that are already butchering animals and big corporations making them more inhumane than necessary to increase profit margin, it’s no wonder that people are beginning to become more conscientious and selective in their diets. Animal protein is no longer a requirement for protein nourishment with the ever growing alternatives available. And there’s the honest reality that animal protein isn’t as healthy as it once was because of health practices and modern legal procedures.

In fact, this circumstance is a good example of why it’s important to explore the choices provided to us. But I firmly believe that because knowledge is power and we should be best equipped to make personal decisions about our health. I don’t think it should be a public measure of someone’s moral position. If a certain diet doesn’t sit well with you, you can avoid it. But judging and disparaging others for not sharing your same views is unfair.

Not only do I not support superiority complexes, but you also run the risk of endangering your health by attaching labels, stipulations, and ideologies to diets. If you believe that animal protein is bad, for example, you may subconsciously and/or unconsciously censor yourself from becoming aware that that’s what your body’s trying to communicate with you that it needs. Each body is unique and sometimes our bodies requires what we may not want to ingest. Ultimately you may decide to explore alternatives, but it’s important to be receptive to what our bodies need.

So please listen to your body without judgment. Create an environment that’ll make you feel comfortable, open, and safe enough to be honest. Censorship can be a liability, and the last person you want to ignore and neglect is yourself and of your own body because who else can advocate for you when no one else is unable to hear your inner voice?


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